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in Deutschland und Norwegen

Welcome at "Lebendiges Kunsthandwerk".

As artist, crafter, guest or customer you are invited to experience exclusive fairs and festivals of culture, with compelling atmosphere, inexhaustible ideas and great variety of products and presentations.
Again and again our visitors are surprised by select goods of materials such as: wood, metal, textile, leather, glass, stone, clay, fibres, colours. The list of advertised goods include exclusive design, jewellery in gold and silver with precious stones. Unique works in silk, ceramics, inventive and valuable clothing made from diverse materials, wooden toys, china dolls and puppets. Glass, both blown and cast, children's books, brush binder, glass pearls, doll's houses, finger- and hand-puppets. Tin caster and woodcarvings. Jack-in-a-boxes, swimming ceramics. Blackboards of genuine slate with stylus. Etchings and prints. Fountains for house and garden. Paintings and graphics. Calligraphies, sculptures, bookbinders, mosaics. Health pillows, Tiffany, guitar stands. Spoon-carver, glass objects, copper plastics. Stainless steel objects and many more.

Enjoy the rich supply from studios and workshops. The beautiful landscape, the good local kitchen with its specialities and noble domestic wines, will make your stay an experience to be remembered.