Diefenbach near Sternenfels, an idyllic town with it's 900 inhabitants, surrounded by vineyards, woods and meadows, lies in the Naturpark Stromberg-Heuchelberg, about 50 km northwesternly of Stuttgart.
Here in Diefenbach began "Lebendiges Kunsthandwerk" in 1975, then the first market for professional arts and crafts in germany. Since then this event has developed fantastically and become a sought after and well visited tradition.
Diefenbach is an ideal place for such an exclusive crafter's fair and festival of culture.



Maulbronn on Easter is a real cultural spring experience. It's medieval cloister offers a speial atmosphere for a market of high quality.
The monastery is visited by those interested in culture and architecture all around the year, since the former abbey (1147 - 1537) with it's styles of architecture - romanic to late gothic period - is known to be the best preserved cloister north of the alps.
The information center in the cloister's courtyard is opened daily - including sundays; guided tours are offered ans all questions are answered gladly.

Nakkerud, Norway
Nakkerud near Tyristand has been a centre of art, culture, communication and health since 1996. Placed at lake Tyrifjord, about 60km west of Oslo, "Kultur-Kilden" has been established at the school of Nakkerud in 1996.
Co-operation between Norway, Germany and other countries has developed well since it was first planned in 1993. Markets, exhibitions, concerts of the Jugendorchester Pforzheim und Enzkreis, Musikverein Freudenstein and "Triole" Jazzband, courses, theater and a host of other activities have been organized. The many meetings in Germany and Norway have spawned busy creative transfers and good friendships.
The village of Nakkerud with its 900 friendly and interested inhabitants is located beautifully upon lake Tyrifjord, Norway's second largest lake. Since 1996 Nakkerud has been location and starting point of all our activities in Norway, organized at different towns such as Nakkerud, Hönefoss, cultural centres Hadeland Glasswerk and Blaafargeverket, Oslo, Bärum, Hokkesund: markets and fairs, exhibitions, concerts, workshops, courses, Jazzweeks, wine-tastings with brass and jazz, punch and judy theater and readings.
Kultur-Kilden Nakkerud  
Kultur-Kilden (nor.: Culture-Spring) Nakkerud is a centre of art, culture, communication, health and advice. We actively support talents, organize exhibitions ist ein Zentrum für Kunst, Kultur, Kommunikation, Gesundheit, Vermittlung und at Kultur-Kilden Nakkerud and other places.
Children ad youths often haven't got the possibilites to develop their talents and require inspiration and professional sponsorship. Discovery of one's own creativity is an experience of great importance. Artistic expression is a positive occupation for people of every age and it is never to late to begin.