"Lebendiges Kunsthandwerk" (german for "crafts alive") began in 1975, with an exhibition in barn and stable on Etzold's farm in Diefenbach near Sternenfeld.
Many guests from the vicinity as well as far away and the Schubert Oktett with musicians of Württembergische Staatsoper Stuttgart, attended this first event. It has been a great success in every aspect and had to be prolonged by three weeks.
With this successfull launch, the idea and plan to organize markets for professionall artisans and crafters, was finally confirmed.
At this time there existed far less possibilites for crafters and artisans to sell their products than now. The established system of frequent fairs, of direct marketing and selling to the customer without middlemen, seemed an ideal possibility for new crafts as well. With this idea in mind "Lebendiges Kunsthandwerk" was established as the first fair of this kind in germany. It's participants are professional crafters, who exihibit and sell their own products only. It is part of the concept, that participants work at their stands, increasing attractivity and inspiring customers to activities of their own.
Additional performances of music, theatre and entertainment are, what makes these fairs a real festival of culture. The Diefenbach fair has increased in size and the whole centre of Diefenbach has become it's stage. The Maulbronn fair has become a real and attractive tradition.New Ideas and a lively fantasy, combined with productivity, add year by year to the now many crafter's fairs in Germany.
"Lebendiges Kunsthandwerk" with it's host of fairs and exhibitions, taking place several times a year since 1975, has seen a very positive development, has become a rich tradition, well known for it's quality, with many exhibitors from the whole of germany as well as other countries.
The diversity of it's products guaranties for ever new ideas from all crafts and materials. Friends of beautiful things have the opportunity to buy all kinds of products from materials such as leather, fabric, wood, glass, metal, stone, yarn, plastic: jewellery, toys, clothes, pices of wrought iron work, dolls, ceramic, sculptures, paintings, silk-design and many more. Wearable arts, products to brighten up live or to give away.
Many guests and customers readily come from far away to attend these fairs and cultural activities in Diefenbach, Maulbronn and other places as well as Norway.


The idyllic and harmonic town of Diefenbach near Sternenfels with it's approximately 900 inhabitants lies ca. 50 km northwest of Stuttgart. With it's beautiful wattle and daub buildings, embedded in between vineyard, woods and pastures, it is an ideal place for a crafters fair. Crafters ans artisans and it's many customers take pleasure in Diefenbach's hospitable and open-hearted inhabitants. Offers from studios and workshops, kitchen and cellar, invite to stay and enjoy.
Easter in Maulbronn - a cultural springtime experience. The medieval abbey is said to be the best preserved monastery north of the alps. Tours are possible.
The monastery's courtyard is a very special place for a high-classed fair and valuable craftwork.
Enjoy arts and culture, beautiful landscape and excellent gastronomy.