We are always looking for professional artists and crafters for to participate at our exclusive events.
Professionals are always welcome; applications are accepted all throught the year Send 7-8 photos of your work and information on education etc. and SAE with two international reply coupons, please.
You'll receive further information shortly thereafter.
Applications are always worthwhile!
We are usually able to find a good place on the market for good crafters, artists and interesting goods, even shortly before it takes place.
Our fairs usually take place in the open.
Hobbyists may not participate.
Rules of participation  
Applications are valid for one exhibitor, only. No other persons may exhibit on a stall, not even relatives or friends.

Only self-produced goods may be shown and sold.

Exhibitors have to be present and working on the stand. These demonstrations are especially interesting and inspiring to our customers and visitors.

The stall  
Security has to be guaranteed. The stand's decoration is of great importance for the market's overall look, so please see to it.
Prices should be reasonable and well readable.
The stall has to have a nice and readable sign with the participant's name, address and type of craft.
To guarantee the market's high standards on looks and quality of the sold goods, it is controlled by experts.
The stand has to be left cleanly; waste has to be removed completely.
The market's opening hours have to be adhered to.
The event itself has been insured. Participants have to see to insuring themselves and their property.